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[Album] Huckleberry Finn – Black Tiger


허클베리 핀 (Huckleberry Finn) – 까만 타이거
Release Date: 2011.06.20
Genre/Style: Indie Rock
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.5/5 (106 votes)

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01. 숨 쉬러 나가다 (While Out For A Breath)
02. 쫓기는 너 (You Are Being Chased)
03. Girl Stop
04. 까만 타이거 (Black Tiger)
05. 도레미파 (Do Re Mi Fa) *
06. Time To Say
07. 빗소리 (Sound of the Rain)
08. 비틀브라더스 (Beetle Brothers)
09. 시간은 푸른 섬으로 (Time Goes To The Blue Island)
10. Too Young
11. 폭탄 위에 머물다 (Stayed On Top Of The Bomb)

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