Home Album Infinity Challenge (SNSD, Epik High, After School, Lee Jung Hyun, Junjin)

Infinity Challenge (SNSD, Epik High, After School, Lee Jung Hyun, Junjin)


Bad connection makes me late to upload this album >.< Some of songs are so funny;
I like the duet song 03 & 05 🙂 A little disappointed in After School’s song
Please say thanks if you take out the file

Album: Infinity Challenge – Olympic Duet Song Festival
(SNSD, Epik High, After School, Lee Jung Hyun, Junjin)
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01 Let’s dance (feat. Tiger JK, T 윤미래) / Yoo Jae Suk
02 Senorita (feat. Lee Jung Hyun) / Junjin
03 바베큐 (B.B.Q) (feat. Epik High) / Jung Hyung Don
04 더위먹은 갈매기 (The Heat Gull) (feat. No Brain) / No Hong Chul
05 냉면 (Cool Noodles) (feat. SNSD Jessica) / Park Myung Soo
06 영계백숙 (Spring Chicken Soup) (feat. After School) / Jung Joon Ha
07 난 멋있어 (I Look Nice) (feat. YB) / Gil

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  • Sage

    wow, E-Tribe produced Park Myung Soo's song lol….
    he did bad on stage though 😛
    and Jae Suk looked gangster XD

  • who

    o_O i didnt know gil join muhan dojeon
    the album cover is so cute, the collabs were very… random, but fun

  • LOO

    LOL the cartoons are so cute (: the songs is cracktastic hehe thankyou!

  • SoyJoy

    Thanks for this, it was so fun watching them preform too! Oh and I tried to download Let's Dance by itself but Hotlinks would make me wait 60 secs. then when I click on the part that says "Click Here To Download" it brings me back to the first page and I have to wait 60 secs. again. So I just downloaded the whole thing / MF. Anyone else have that problem?

  • JhilMe

    I really liked Jess song! I hope MyungSoo gets well so they just might perf this!!! Also Tiger is awesome.

  • littleboval

    thanks for sharing!!!I really like SNSD

  • Track no.7 is corrupt.. T-T
    But thanks for sharing.. XD

  • you can download single link for track 7, I've added ^^"

  • Ah, thanks so much, bingyang!! ^^

  • Sarah

    Thank you.

  • abrakadabraw

    can you reupload this album?
    The MF link is deleted
    Thanks in advance ^^