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[Album] Infinity Challenge – West Coast Highway Festival


무한도전 (Infinity Challenge) – 서해안 고속도로 가요제
Release Date: 2011.07.02
Genre: Dance, Ballad, Rock
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.9/5 (12,595 votes)

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01. 순정마초 – 파리돼지앵 (정형돈 & 정재형)
02. 나만 부를 수 있는 노래 – 바닷길 (길 & 바다)
03. 바람났어 (Feat. 박봄 Park Bom) – GG (박명수 & G-Dragon)
04. 죽을래 사귈래 – 센치한 하하 (HAHA & 10cm)
05. 정주나요 – 스윗 콧소로우 (정준하 & Sweet Sorrow)
06. 압구정 날라리 – 처진 달팽이 (유재석 & 이적)
07. 흔들어 주세요 – 철싸 (노홍철 & PSY)

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  1. Thanks…
    Just Infinity Challenge and I love all the songs in their music festival..
    Can't believe these comedian can make such great songs and performed all the songs live!!!
    The performances are all amazing…
    Thank you soooo much!!! 😀


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