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[Japanese Album] B1A4 – 1


B1A4 – 1
Release Date:2012.10.17
Bit rate: 320kbps (CD Rip)

Please comment or click ‘thank you’ if you download ^^

01 Beautiful Lie
02 おやすみ good night -Japanese ver.-
03 Empty Mind
04 悪いことばかり学んで -Japanese ver.-
05 Tipping point
06 Wake me up
07 Only One -Japanese ver.-
08 Beautiful Target -Japanese ver.-
09 one love


  • KC

    thanks for the album,but something is up with the audio.it sounds unclear in the background like the quality has been messed with.

    • mrkp0p

      But it works perfectly for me, maybe try to download one more time and see if it happens again.

      • SS

        I agree. there's static in the background music. I will try to dl it again. thank you for the upload 🙂

      • KC

        It still sounds weird like for example track 3 sound like someone turned up the bass so high it distort the sound of the audio

        • axanderto

          what music program do you use?

          • KC

            I use foobar and vlc player.If I have to take a guess of what is wrong with the files to this album I would say someone could of really bought this from itunes but did something weird to it like re encoded the files maybe and now it sounds the way it does.

          • axander

            I will reupload it again then

  • KC

    Does anybody have a different rip of it because i don't think it has none thing to do with re uploading I just think somethings up with the files.

    • KC

      sadly the only person who can fix it is the person who bought it.thanks tho

  • rosita

    thank you^_^

  • ^^

    thank you

  • Christine

    I'm actually having the same problem as KC, the bass sounds really loud and kind of distorts the song. I've tried other links as well and they're all the same…

    I made sure to check the Itunes Japan to see if it's supposed to be like this but the preview of it is 100% clear and crisp. Hmmm I hope someone can fix this.

  • thank you dear *3*

  • bro

    Can you reupload this please?

    • bingyang

      reuploaded it ^^

      • bro

        Ahhh thank you again ;;;;;