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[Album] Jiggy Fellaz vol.2 – The Blue Album


지기 펠라즈 (Jiggy Fellaz) 2집 -The Blue Album
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Sorry for all who have downloaded this album before.
The link which I uploaded is not 320kbps high quality, so I upload another.
Please download it again and delete the old file.

01. Blue Dream – VASCO & Naco
02. Let Me Shine – Woo-Side & MARCO

03. YoYeYo – Double Trouble & VASCO
04. 두번째 느낌 (첫느낌2) – VASCO & MARCO (Feat. 서연)
05. Go Go Go – Joe Brown & MARCO (Feat. 김미려)

06. 굿모닝 (Good Moanin’) – Innovator & Annie J
07. Skit – JG The Don
08. 버디 버디 – Jiggy Boyz (Feat. Smash (of 45RPM))

09. New-$-Cool – Jiggy Fellaz
10. She’s Nice – Jiggy Fellaz (Feat. 화영)
11. Vacation – Deepflow &Khan (Feat. Kirbytrap)
12. Let Me Shine (Instrumental)
13. 굿모닝 (Instrumental)
14. New-$-Cool (Instrumental)
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  • Ryoutarou

    THANKSS!!! been looking for this all over the place <3

  • luvnats

    Thank you for sharing this album, I'm kinda new for Jiggy Fellaz

    HIs sound and music are so intriqing.

    Thanks a bunch again

  • Ryoutarou

    ^ Jiggy Fellaz are more than 1 person, rofl. It's a hip hop crew.

  • Suu

    Thanks very much <3

  • ian

    btw the dl link isn't working

  • anon

    can you reupload this?? i cant open the link 🙂

  • can you reupload this please?