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Kris (Wu Yi Fan) – Time Boils The Rain (Tiny Times 3 OST)


kris, time boils the rain
吴亦凡 (Kris) – 小时代:刺金时代 OST
Release Date: 2014.07.17
Genre/Style: OST
Bit Rate: 320kbps

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01. 时间煮雨 (Time Boils The Rain)



    • This is her site, she can post whatever she damn well please. If you don’t like it, YOU MAY LEAVE!

      Just so you know, this song has been posted on most Kpop sites.

    • Well mrs tuan, judging from your name you’re obviously a got7 fan. Why don’t you just piss off here and go comment on got7 related posts instead.

      You hate Kris and EXO? Well, good for you. The exit button is just on your top right corner (it’s red in case you couldn’t see it). Have a good day hating on people. 🙂

    • please be more mature Mrs Tuan. you hate kris and you also hate exo. you just wasted minutes of your life just to write hate comment here 😀 don’t put too much effort next time ok?


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