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Lee Bo Ram – Cho Young Star All Star


이보람 – 조영수 All Star – 이보람
Release Date: 2011.07.25
Genre: Ballad
Bit rate: 320kbps

01. 두 바보 (feat. 미노 Of 프리스타일)
02. 두 바보 (inst.)

  • phoenix2702

    Amazing song !!! I love her and miss her so much, her voice touches my soul. Can you give me the english name of this song !!!

    • SNSD9

      If I'm not mistaken, the translated title would be, Two Fools.

    • pk

      The English title is "Two Fools (feat. Mino of FreeStyle)"

      BTW is this SeeYa Lee Boram or Superstar K Lee Boram?

  • mushu

    her voice and the music is so, so beautiful.

  • Sylvia

    Thanks so much for sharing! Cho Young Soo's songs are always the best!

  • matsu

    thank you for sharing ^^

  • thanks for sharing D I also thought that this is Seeya's Lee Bo Ram. Anyways, I'll still listen to it. 😀