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MBC Music Core 100731 HD


credit: soshified for the image

MBC Music Core (2010.07.31) HD

Hope you can support the artists, station and the program producer.
Remove torrent link after a week. Please do not ask me for other download link.

Please comment if you download one of these ^^UPDATED All Cuts!

All cuts are available now.
All files are in hangul. If you have any trouble in download torrent files, please contact me.

Tiffany + Yuri (SNSD) – MC’s Cut & Baby Baby (4men) – 2010.07.31.ts | Yoon-A

Se7en – Digital Bounce (ft. T.O.P) + Better Together – 2010.07.31.ts | olejam

SHINee – Lucifer – 2010.07.31.ts | olejam

Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl – 2010.07.31.ts | olejam

Tae Yang – I Need A Girl – 2010.07.31.ts | olejam

LPG – 사랑의초인종 – 2010.07.31.ts |

Sistar – Push Push – 2010.07.31.tp |

Son Dam Bi – Queen – 2010.07.31.tp |

DJ Doc – Run to you+나이런사람이야l – 2010.07.31.tp |

Chae Yeon – Look x3 – 2010.07.31.tp |


All cuts http://www.mediafire.com/?ex5hanbc9h6mao5


  1. thanks so much for all the cuts!

    is there anyway someone can seed the G.NA perf im stopping at like 44% i really want that perf please…thanks again for all this =)


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