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MBC Music Core 110212


MBC Music Core (2011.02.12)

Performers list: Lee Jung, Secret, MBLAQ, DBSK, Mighty Mouth, Infinite, G.NA, Jewelry, Han Groo, JQT, ByebyeSea, Piggy Dolls, Dal Shabet, Navi, LPG, Beige, Old Time

UPDATED 720p mp4 + MC’s Cut

110212.MBC Music Core.Jewelry.Back it up.tp

110212.MBC Music Core.DAL★SHABET.Supa Dupa Diva.tp

110212.MBC Music Core.JQT.PeeKaBoo.tp

110212.MBC Music Core.Infinite.BTD(Before The Dawn).tp

110212.MBC Music Core.Lee Jung.사랑은 왜+Let’s Dance.tp

110212.MBC Music Core.Han Groo.Witch Girl.tp

110212.MBC Music Core.Secret (with MBLAQ).Shy Boy.tp

110212.MBC Music Core.MBLAQ.Stay.tp

110212.MBC Music Core.G.NA.Black&White.tp

110212.MBC Music Core.DBSK.Why(Keep your head down).tp

110212.MBC.Music Core.Ji Yeon Suzy MC CUT.ts


All Cuts: http://www.mediafire.com/?ybxy6nfc2kkfq1w

360p (616MB) http://www.mediafire.com/?o36anc4t44elmmy | Baros
450p (1.22GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?b8keuzqv1mkaoto | Hansun
720p (2.31GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?18apu1sw001174g | Hansun
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  • Alec

    thank u very much for infinite's cut

  • Hana Tran

    Pls upload SHINee's Cut
    Thanks for Secret's Shy Boy

    • kpopexplorer

      SHINee didn't perform on this stage

      • Hana Tran

        …..Anio…SHINee's MC Cut today so cute!!
        I want to find link download….

  • hdninjja

    thank you very much for sharing

  • dawnjelly

    thanks so much for the cuts!

  • jz.

    Was wondering if there is MC cuts for Onew and Minho.
    Thank you! ^^