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MBC Music Core 110730


MBC Music Core (2011.07.30)

Performer’s list: Teen Top, Hwanhee, MBLAQ, T-Ara, Infinite, Hyun Ah, Miss A, 2NE1, Secret, Boyfriend, Homme, Mighty Mouth, CSJH, After School Red, Chi Chi, Piggy Dolls, Min Kyung Hoon, NS YoonJi, Brave Girls, X Cross

UPDATED 720p, 1080i


110730.MBC Music Core.NS YoonJi – Wanna See You Again.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.Secret – Starligh Moonlight.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.Teen Top – Don’t Wear Perfume.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.T-Ara – Roly Poly.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.Chi Chi – Longer.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.CSJH – One more chance.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.Miss A – Goodbye Baby.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.Min Kyung Hoon – Nightmare.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.MBLAQ – Mona Lisa.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.Infinite – Be Mine.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.Hyun Ah – Bubble pop.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.Homme – Man Should Laugh.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.Brave Girls – Easily.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.Boyfriend – Boyfriend.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.2NE1 – I Am The Best.tp

110730.MBC Music Core.After School Red – Night Sky.tp


720p (1GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?vewnbowxvqnnkii |
1080i (8.52GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?h8y4kh0pk0s516o | Ernie

  • nsyj

    thank you!

    ns yoonji file isn't working

    • nsyj

      working now. thanks!

  • sweetymoon

    Thanks a lot! You're so quick!

  • Natalya16

    thank you!!!!

  • Thanx~!!!!

  • Thank you so much but can you add X-Cross cut? Please!

  • kpopforever

    720p version with only 1 GB, very low quality : /
    what happened to the version of Baros and Hansun: x

    but thanks …
    at least for the watch:)

  • powerteco

    thank you~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • mario

    dont donwload that version 720p 1 gb looks like a 700 xvid avi with 360p

    wait for hansun version of find it somewhere else

  • Lorilei

    Is there any 1080i cut of Hwanhee's perf anywhere? I've looked at a lot of sites, I can't find anything =