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MBC Music Core 110806


MBC Music Core (2011.08.06)

Performer’s list: Super Junior, Miss A, Infinite, Teen Top, 2NE1, ZE:A, Maya, Min Kyung Hoon, Homme, GP Basic, X Cross, After School Blue, Girl’s Day, Chi Chi, Brave Girls, Lyn, Seung Nam Kwak, Piggy Dolls, Deffcon, NS YoonJi

UPDATED 1080i, 720p

110806.MBC Music Core.2NE1 – Ugly.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.Brave girls(feat.Skull) – 툭하면.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.After School Blue – Wonder Boy.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.GP Basic – Jelly Pop.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.Girl’s Day – Hug Me Once.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.Chi Chi – Longer.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.Deffcon (feat.Girl’s day).tp

110806.MBC Music Core.Homme.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.MBLAQ – Mona Lisa.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.Infinite – Be Mine.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.Min Kyung Hoon.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.Miss A – Goodbye Baby.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.Super Junior – Superman + Mr.Simple.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.Teen Top – No More Perfume On You.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.NS YoonJi.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.ZEA – Heart for 2.tp

110806.MBC Music Core.X CROSS – Crazy.tp


360p (817MB) http://www.mediafire.com/?mjbp2sf46g222o5 | Baros
480p (1.14GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?c15wlvk6qbtv12g | YUKINOMATI
720p (2GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?ofj3mjcmc6y9zoa | YUKINOMATI
1080i (8.98GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?tdckkc64v05a7vz | Ernie

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