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[Mini Album] Boyfriend – Love Style


보이프렌드(Boyfriend) – Love Style (EP)
Release date: 2012.06.14
Genre: Dance Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (Mel0n): 2.9/5 (563 votes)

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01. I`m In Love
02. Love Style (러브스타일)
03. Super Hero
04. 소나기 (One Day)
05. 완전한 여인 (Wonderful Girl)
06. 쉽게 보지마 (Do)
07. Love Style (Inst.)

115: http://115.com/file/e7jwmgi3
MF: http://j.gs/15gR


    • For some reason whenever I checked there were only three big coloured buttons (two blue and one orange). Like an hour after I checked I suddenly see a 4th button (a green button) that let's me download. How does the 115.com link work…


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