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[Mini Album] Eniac – Boy Is Running


Eniac – 소년은 달린다 (EP)
Release Date: 2011.04.12
Genre: Modern Rock, Indie Rock, Electronic Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.7/5 (40 votes)

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01. 소년은 달린다
02. 좋았어 (feat. 신아연)
03. 잊혀진 계절의 노래
04. 어느 봄 너에게 (feat. 시라)
05. 눈사람
06. 그 겨울 이야기 (feat. UZU)
07. 소년은 달린다 (Radio Edit)

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  • keke

    i like this Mini Album…. thx for sharing

  • Tina

    Dunno who they are but their genre of music interests me. I'll hear them. XD Thanks

  • Thank you! I'm discovering this band thanks to you

  • matsu

    thank you, i've listened to the album and i like it 🙂

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    Thank you so much for uploading this kpopexplorer. I was looking all over for this. I am very grateful.

  • cindy

    Could you please reupload the link? It says not found. Thank you!

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    It's not working for me it says, file belongs to suspended account.

  • emily

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