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[Mini Album] Moon Hee Jun – Last Cry


Album name: Last Cry (EP)
Artist: Moon Hee Jun
Release date: 2009.06.18
Genre: Rock/Ballad
Bit rate:


Moon Hee Jun returns as a singer-songwriter with a mini album titled Last Cry, in which he composed, wrote and arranged all the songs. There are a total of five songs, with the theme of breakup and sadness. Despite the songs all having a similar theme, listeners can hear different colors in each. The title song for this album is Toy.  © soompi

I’ve added link for those
who can not extrack TRACK 2.

01.  Because there’s two of me…Because You’re Alone
02 Toy (New Ver)
03. Why
04. Toy (Original Ver.)
05. Because there’s two of me…Because You’re Alone (Inst.)
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  • first, thanks for all the uploads. second, track 2 is corrupted.

  • Oceane

    Thank you very much
    I Love new song "Toy"

    Viva Moon Hee Jun !!!!

  • Moon_ktty

    Hola No Inglish
    But Track 2 corrupt please reupload thank


  • Moon_ktty

    great song 2 thanks

  • M

    Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad that HeeJun oppa is back! Will definitely support him!

  • d.rose

    thanks for sharing! im loving this song atm, the mv was awesome!