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[Mini Album] Secret – Madonna


시크릿 (Secret) – Madonna (2nd Mini Album)
Release date: 2010.08.12
Genre:Dance Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps

01 Madonna
02 랄랄라 Lalala
03 잘해 더! (Feat. 백찬 Baek Chan Of 8eight) Do Better
04 줄듯말듯 Please Don’t Give
05 자리비움 Leave Space Empty


  1. Thanks for this 2nd Secet mini album…somehow I'm just gettin' 'round to downloading it. 0_o Secret is one of my (personal) favorite girl groups. I hadn't previously elevated 'em to what I refer to as Top Tier girl group status, but they've always been kinda my 'secret obsession' group, nonetheless. There's just something about the group dynamic that makes me really enjoy these ladies. With the release of "Shy Boy" (and finally getting their first #1 hit song under their belts), I'm now ready to consider bumping this (my) group up a notch to Top Tier status. ^_^


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