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[Mixtape Album] ZICO (Block B) – vol.1 ZICO on the Block


ZICO (Block B) – vol.1 ZICO on the Block
Release Date: 2010.11.19
Genre/Style: Rap/Hip-Hop
Bit rate: 192/320kbps

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00. Verbal Jint
01. 운빨
02. 억척
03. Mosquito
04. 뒤돌아봐 (Feat. 박경)
05. 구역질
06. Release
07. Top of Teenagers (Feat. Andup)
08. Dead president
09. Interlude (Feat. 최음제)
10. 억만장자 (Feat. 한해)
11. 정신차려, 친구
12. Attention
13. 알렉산더
14. 4 My town (Feat. Mino)
15. Who am I (Feat. Mino)
16. I’m Still Fly
17. Get Em high (Feat. Uglyduck, Gganmo)
18. Wake me up
19. Bonus Track [If i ain’t got 짱개]


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