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Mnet MCountdown 101021


Mnet MCountdown (2010.10.21)

Performers list: miss A, Rainbow, Co.ed, Nine Muses, Navi, Ali, Tom Tom, Jang Jae In, Kang Seung Yun, 2PM, Outsider, SG Wannabe, Jiggy Dog


CUTs: Most of them are 1080i, some are 480i

101021 Mnet MCountdown.Rainbow – Mach.ts

101021.Mnet MCountdown.Miss A – Breath.ts

101021.Mnet MCountdown.Miss A – NO.1+Encore.ts

101021.Mnet MCountdown.Co.ed – BbiRiBbom BbaeRiBbom.ts

101021 Mnet MCountdown.Co.ed – Too late.ts

101021.Mnet MCountdown.Nine Muses – Ladies[480i].tp

101021.Mnet MCountdown.Ali & Navi & Tom Tom.The Unwritten Legend.ts

101021.Mnet MCountdown.Jang Jae In & Kang Seung Yun – 이세상살아가다보면[480i].tp

101021 Mnet MCountdown.Nine Muses – Ladies.ts

101021 Mnet MCountdown.Outsider – Hero.ts

101021 Mnet MCountdown.2PM – I’ll be back.ts

101021 Mnet MCountdown.BEAST – Soom.ts

101021 Mnet MCountdown.Jiggy Dog-Have been.ts

101021 Mnet MCountdown.SG Wannabe-Sun flower.ts

101021 Mnet MCountdown.SG Wannabe-Winter Tree.ts


450p (980MB) http://www.mediafire.com/?bamzne0k9ml6p2x | Chad
360p (905MB) http://www.mediafire.com/?wma173y4o5h38qj | ONE

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  • fern

    thanks for sharing

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    Thanks a lot!
    Co.ed's new song is very attractive!

  • windsor

    so sad~ I cant find SG wannabe's cut here! Thanks anyway

    • kpopexplorer

      updated with SG Wannabe's cuts. download if you've not had them yet ^^

      • windsor

        yea! thanks alot! =P I am thinking they are really underrated nowadays…

  • Sulfur

    thanks for the cuts~

  • andy

    Thanks!! Great to know another cut for 9muses.

  • MPL

    how about ukiss?

  • Kgkung

    plz cut BEAST Thanks you in advance

    • kpopexplorer

      UPDATED with BEAST's cut ^^

      • Kgkung

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  • MoMo

    Thanks for 2pm and beast.