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Mnet M!Countdown 110630


Mnet M!Countdown (2011.06.30)

Performer’s list: Mighty Mouth, T-ara, Navi, Min Kyung Hoon, Hwayobi, N-Train, 8eight, A Pink, Jisun, Secret, f(x), Kim Hyun Jung, Monday Kiz, Shin Go Eun

110630.Mnet M!Countdown.T-ara.Roly poly.tp

110630.Mnet M!Countdown.Secret.Starlight Moonlight.tp

110630.Mnet M!Countdown.Min Kyung Hoon.ts

110630.Mnet M!Countdown.f(x).Hot summer.tp

110630.Mnet M!Countdown.f(x).No1.tp

110630.Mnet M!Countdown.A Pink.It Girl.tp


450p (1.18GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?wvtktjkgn86ii8t | avi
720p (2.2GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?zes2pr09c16nh4x | mp4

  • eudavinci

    avi version, please!

  • Guest

    Thanks for the uploads.

  • zapzap

    weird, i get 0 seeds and 0 peers, something wrong with the tracker or something?

    • kpopexplorer

      which one?

      • zapzap

        i tried T-ara, A Pink and Secret all same 0 seeds and 0 peers

  • zapzap

    nvm, my friend tried, seems to have seeds, dunno why i having problem for these torrents though, other torrents like today's Music Bank all working fine for me…

  • zapzap

    sry if it seems like i'm spamming but just to let u know, it works ok for me now =) thanks alot for your trouble =)

  • Meru

    I love your site and I'm so glad you share always every show with us
    but I was a bit sad you never shared M!Countdown
    so I'm super happy with this, thank you a lot

  • Ben Chan

    Why the tp cuts quality of M!countdown degraded so much since 2 months ago? Are they re-encoded files, not the original captured from korean TV?