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Mnet M!Rookies 100929


One of shows is not only for popular artists so I’ll try to share more ^^

Performers list: 애니(Anne),티블루(T-Blue),리미(Rimi),밀크티(Milktea),쿨엔제이(Cool`nj)

Please support the artists after watching their performances. Hope you will like them.

100929.Mnet M!Rookies.Milktea – 초콜렛군 오렌지양.ts
I don’t know Milktea before, I found an video of them on YT and love their music <3

100929.Mnet M!Rookies.Anne – Be Mine.ts

100929 MRookies.Rimi – Elevator.ts

100929 MRookies.Go Eun – I think I’ve loved.ts

  • mardi09

    no T-Blue and Cool'nj? Those are the ones I really want…

    • mardi09

      Never mind about that, I'm going to purchase the full video on Mnet..XD

      • kpopexplorer

        hey mardi, can i ask how much it costs 1 performance?

      • mardi09

        I downloaded the full show in HD. It was 1000 won.
        If you download a certain artist's cut in HD though, it's around 500-700 won. There aren't cuts for all artists though. Only the more popular ones.

      • kpopexplorer

        thank you, Mardi. I got it ^^
        Must be better to purchase the full show 🙂

  • soshi elf

    thx u so much for this ^^

  • kyoung

    Thanks alot! Nice to see something different.

  • lindavel


  • lindavel

    is very ver y beautiffull

  • Hoot~Hoot

    hey mardi. how do you play these videos? i tried vlc player and stuff but it doesn't work.