• sam

    i forgot to say thanks sorry :d:D

  • Pang

    oh…………..I really love his voice, his voice is really sweet.

  • muziklover

    Please upload in Megaupload..

    I can't download form a torrent. TT^TT

    • kpopexplorer

      shared it ^^

  • Sylvia

    Thanks a bunch! Is it possible that you upload to MF as well? As I can't dl from Mu ==

    • vinhtth

      here is your link :

      • Sylvia

        Many many thanks!

  • ank

    Thanks very much for the link!

  • Cherry

    Thank you so much ~~like this drama ~~~

  • Jang Jung il

    This Drama is cool

  • Jan

    thank you i like like like like

  • pookpiks

    i luv this drama
    they can do well.

  • Mookda

    Thank you for your sharing. 🙂

  • aldowanna

    i like this drama

  • thanks taking the MF ^^

  • help… it says "the file is corrupt" when i extract it T_T

  • sorry for the late reply
    thanks i got it working now 🙂
    by the way do you have a step by step on how to use those torrents? i tried those vids on YT but they all made me confuse so many stuff to DL ..