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News from Kpop Explorer!!


Since you may have felt/known that this week the Korean TV channel didn’t sent
any music shows like Music Bank, Inkigayo etc. because of the Sewol ferry accident.

Updated news

The ferry causes many death on the school children. We hope they rest in peace. We also hope that family and relatives will take care under these hard times. May the people from the rescue team still can find survivors in the ferry. So lets pray for the family who is affected because of this.


Back to the music industry, and I know that a lot of you have been waiting for EXO comeback with
their 2nd mini album Overdose and other exciting comeback like G.NA, JunggiGo, Cross Gene, Block B and other artist. We also have JiYeon from T-ara who is doing solo and the end of the month. So we hope that can get a chance to listen to new music soon.

And we at Kpop Explorer have been busy other stuff on other free time, I know that Bingyang have been busy
and I myself are busy too but I will keep upload music for you guys so you have music in your ears. I know that a lot of people have been asking we you can’t do request or like you see know that we have been putting that section away because we didn’t have time for it right now.

We also have something new under progress, it will be uploaded soon, we are working on it. So wait for it!
You guys can still ask for re-uploading and I will try to fix it asap. So in touch with us and wait for good music.

* It looks like the music industry will be push back for a week more and the releases will be in May.

Source: Koreaboo.com

Have a good day and a good week! Keep listening to Kpop 😀


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