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Purchasing songs online


Lynn asked me how to purchase song online yesterday and someone are in trouble when they can’t read Korean, so I think it is necessary to post it here for everyone. Thanks aferschoolcraze for this. We can support our artist by BUYING song online. One song costs only 600won (<1$). This tutorial allow us how to purchase songs from Mnet. If you know some ways to order song from other sites, It would be great to post it here. Hope this one can help you ^^ Tips for you : Don’t try to purchase 2PM – Tired of waiting from Mnet in 320k cause I know someone purchased the songs from Mnet but it seems the same quality with the one I have posted here.


  • Tina

    I never knew I could buy songs from mnet from overseas. I looked into buying them from bugs.co.kr before, but it seemed like it doesn't allow overseas people to purchase them. Anyway, thanks for the info. I usually purchase full albums through Yesasia if I like most of the songs on an album, but if I only like 1 or 2 songs, I don't buy them… >< So this way, I can get the few songs that I like and still support them! Thanks bingyang and afterschoolcraze for the info~

  • X-Nicky

    What about Time To Listen 2 ?

    I wanna buy it from Mnet but I'm scared that I will get the low 320kbps song just like Tired of waiting!

    • Cloud_Honey

      I bought TTL2 there and it still has a low spectrum. It's not their fault actually, probably T-ara's label gave them a low spectrum file, just like 2PM's song and others.

      • kpopexplorer

        thanks for your info about TTL 2 ^^

  • Barbara

    I can finally put my T-money card to use!

  • Jennifer

    Wow, I hope I am able to do this. I've been wanting to buy some rare albums 🙂

  • WOW O_O thanks for the info. I never bought songs online because well, I dont know how to (it's all korean!) . I usually buy from YesAsia – the only place where I can get the albums but there are some that they dont have >< . Now, I can buy those albums that Im still looking for – I was thinking of buying them when I have the chance to go to Korea .

  • Jade

    It says I need a password and username to get into the link. I REALLY need it, because I don't understand the payment process AT ALL! xDDDD I can't acess the forum, can you help?