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SBS Inkigayo 100815


SBS Inkigayo (2010.08.15) HD

Hope you can support the artists, station and the program producer.
Remove torrent link after a week. Please do not ask me for other download link.

Please comment if you download one of these ^^


100815.SBS Inkigayo.SE7EN – Better Together.HDTV.1080i | KNN

100815.SBS Inkigayo.BoA – Hurricane Venus.HDTV.1080i | KNN

100815.SBS Inkigayo.SHINee – Lucifer + Encore.HDTV.1080i | KNN

100815.SBS Inkigayo.Hong Jin Young – My Love.HDTV.1080i | KBC

100815.SBS Inkigayo.Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl.HDTV.1080i | KBC

100815.SBS Inkigayo.MC Cut.HDTV.1080i | KNN


100815.SBS Inkigayo.9muses – No Playboy.HDTV.1080i | SBS

100815.SBS Inkigayo.Rainbow – A.HDTV.1080i | SBS

100815.SBS Inkigayo.Son Dam Bi – Queen.HDTV.1080i | SBS

100815.SBS Inkigayo.Secret – Madonna.HDTV.1080i | SBS

100815.SBS Inkigayo.주석 – Pop & Drop.HDTV.1080i | SBS

100815.SBS Inkigayo.Hong Jin Young – My Love.HDTV.1080i | SBS

100815.SBS Inkigayo.BoA – Hurricane Venus.HDTV.1080i | SBS

100815.SBS Inkigayo.G.Na – 꺼져줄게 잘 살아.HDTV.1080i | SBS

100815.SBS Inkigayo.GP basic – Game.HDTV.1080i | SBS

100815.SBS Inkigayo.JQT – 알 거 없잖아.HDTV.1080i | SBS

100815.SBS Inkigayo.miss A – Bad girl good girl.HDTV.1080i | SBS

All the SBS’s cuts are in http://www.mediafire.com/?b4xkry1cl27308g


  1. i really like the way you mention the channel of the rip.
    Thank you for make that, it's easier for me to choose the version.
    And thank you for upload it so fast :X


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