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SBS Inkigayo 110227


SBS Inkigayo (2011.02.27)

Performers list: MBLAQ, Hong Kyung Min, Kim Hyun Jung, Secret, IU, G.NA, Lee Hyun, Jewelry, Navi, Mighty Mouth, DBSK, Kahi, 5dolls, Infinite, Kan Mi Yeon, Teen Top, Dalmatian, J-Cera, Ye Ara

UPDATED 720p mp4


110227.SBS Inkigayo.Jewelry.Back it up.tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.Secret.Shy boy.tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.Lee Hyun.You are the best of my life.tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.Navi.Well done.tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.DBSK.Maximum.tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.Kahi.Come back you back person.tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.Kan Mi Yeon.Paparazzi.tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.5dolls.It’s you.tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.Dalmatian.The man opposed.tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.Mighty Mouth.Tok Tok.tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.Teen Top.Supa Luv (Remix).tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.Hong Kyung Min.tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.G.NA.Black&White.tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.G.NA.No1.tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.IU.tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.Kim Hyun Jung.1 minute 1 second.ts
110227.SBS Inkigayo.Inifinite.BTD(Remix).tp
110227.SBS Inkigayo.J-Cera.ts
110227.SBS Inkigayo.Ye Ara.ts
110227.SBS Inkigayo.MC Cut.ts
110227 SBS Inkigayo.MBLAQ Back.tp


360p (749MB) http://www.mediafire.com/?06bkaxsg7gta85e | Baros
450p (1.39GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?t5hen59lo68qo9a | Hansun
720p (1GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?1dr2y1oj382mm1t
720p (2.58GB) http://www.mediafire.com/?iq9fr2b1dt484ho | Hansun

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    Thanks for uploading this. Inkigayo live performance is much better compare to the other 2. The motion experience of the camera or what-so-ever is very entertaining. focus and all. 🙂
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