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    thank u~

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    thank you!

  • potato

    Omg thank you I just discovered this group holyyyy crap where have I been living all my life. Though could you help me post this song singularly please? I can't seem to extract .rar files with Korean in it on my phone, or something, I did try but it didn't work TT.TT :OOO

    • namyoun

      you're very welcome (: i posted the individual link~

      • potato

        Ahhhhhh you're 제일 잘나가. <3 thanks muchly ;D

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    Woot, more happy music. Thanks!

  • Thank you for your sharing :]

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    thank you so much for sharing 10cm's song!! i really looking very hard to find their song and i found it in ur blog 😀

  • bubachanana

    thank you very much for ur sharing!!! i've been looking very hard to find 10cm's song and finally i found it in ur blog!! ;DD

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    Hey!! Thanks a lot but the file was deleted :c

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        Thanks so much! 🙂 You're so amazinggg <33 ^^

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    the file was deleted 🙁

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    hi please reupload this single, thank you 🙂

    • namyoun

      re-uploaded (:

  • Wigati Amalia

    can i get link from mega? thankyou..

    • bingyang

      yes. uploaded 🙂