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[Japanese Single] 2PM – Take Off


2PM – Take Off
Release Date: 2011.05.18
Genre: Dance
Bit rate: 192/Real 320kbps

01. Take off
02. Heartbeat -Japanese ver.-
03. Take off (without main vocal)
04. Heartbeat -Japanese ver.- (without main vocal

192kbps | Real 320kbps

  • infinitymusics

    192kbps Full single. If i got 320kbps full single, i will put it on. THX!

  • Yoonbin

    Thank you! Will be waiting for the 320kbps!! Remember to post a comment saying you've updated.

  • infinitymusics

    OK! recently, i have seen the 320kbps ones but it is being transcoded from 192kbps.

  • infinitymusics

    Real 320kbps UPDATED coz there are a lot of fake 320kbps now.


    Wowwww !!!
    Thank you so much for the real 320k.

  • ChaChe

    woahhhh asldkfj thank you so much!!!

  • Yoonbin

    Yes you found it!!! Thank you!!!!

  • linachieng

    Thank you. I trusted your 320 more than any web

    • infinitymusics

      linachieng, before that i really dun know how to check the real quality(a idiot about music quality) but now i can check the real quality by myself with 100% confidence coz Bing Yang had teach me how to check them before. So i'm also very thx for him.

  • kyoung


  • meisa

    thank you

  • love

    thank you for sharing