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[Single] Baily Shoo – Secret Kiss


베일리 슈 (Baily Shoo) – Secret Kiss
Genre: Ballad
Bit rate: 320 kbps
*The songs sound a bit different than your usual Kpop songs but still sounds quite nice. She went by Jaycade when she sang for the OST of Stars Falling From the Sky but I guess for her debut single she used her real (?) name.

*I may have spelled her name wrong in some places…like the RAR name (but not the mp3 files). Only a minor mistake XD

01. Secret Kiss
02. Hey Mr. (Rap ft. Big Tone)


  • Sarah

    Gonna try this. Thank you.

  • Tina

    Cool. Is she Korean? Baily is an interesting name for a girl, esp that spelling~

  • jikae

    thank you very much for the upload!