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[Single] BeBe Mignon – I’ve Only Done Good Things For You


베베 미뇽 (BeBe Mignon) – 잘해준 것 밖에 없는데
Genre: Ballad
Bit rate: 320 kbps
*BeBe Mignon was created by Vibe’s Yoon Min Soo. They are under the same management as 4Men. Their music is very good~ ^-^

01. 키도 작고, 예쁘지 않지만..
02. 잘해준 것 밖에 없는데
03. 오빠바보
04. 키도 작고, 예쁘지 않지만.. (Inst.)
05. 잘해준 것 밖에 없는데 (Inst.)
06. 오빠바보 (Inst.)


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  • I love this girls. They're just awesome. Ben has an amazing and powerfull voice. http://www.qbox.com/q/82

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