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[Single+MV] Fat Cat – Is Being Pretty Everything


살찐고양이 – 예쁜게 다니
Release Date: 2012.01.06
Genre: Dance Pop
Bit rate: VBR/ 320kpbs (Mnet)
Rating: 4.3/5 (386 votes) from Melon

Please comment if you download it ^^
UPDATED 320kbps

01. 예쁜게 다니
MF 320kbps


예쁜게 다니 (Is Being Pretty Everything) MV.wmv (MQ MSN)


  1. Thank you~~

    And personally, I prefer 192kbps mp3s. 320kbps mp3s are around 10mb, while 192kbps mp3s are around 5mb. I don't know about you guys, but I listen to A LOT of songs, so 10mb songs quickly take up a lot of space on my 16gb iphone~~

    You can't really hear the difference anyways. If you can hear the difference, then the 192kbps mp3 you downloaded was probably ripped from an MV or something, not the official download from a Korean music site.


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