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  • Thank you, I liked her new MV (though it's a little bizzare) and "Crazy" is an okay song. I didn't recognize the name, Kan Mi Yeon (Kan Mi Youn), at first, from her Baby VOX days, however. But back when I first started getting into K-Pop (listening to Baby VOX, S.E.S. & Fin.K.L), I didn't really pay much attention to the names of individual group members (and it probably took me two to three years to recognize all nine of the Girls' Generation members individually, so I'm still not very good at this).

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    thank you very much for the upload!

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    Can you re-upload this one ,please?
    Thank yoou!!

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    Hello,I'd like to know if you could re-upload this? Cause I really need this song! Anyway,thanks!

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