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[Single] Kim Jung Min – Beautiful My Life


김정민 – Beautiful My Life
Release date: 2009.10.06
Genre: Ballad
Bit rate: 192kbps
I think 10 tracks are too much just for a single O.o

01. Beautiful My Life
02. Someday
03. 헤어질 수 없어
04. 고맙다 친구여
05. 여자는 남자를 배신한다
06. 그대에게 가는 길 Duet
07. 그대에게 가는 길 Solo
08. 트리니티
09. Beautiful My Life (Instrumental)
10. 헤어질 수 없어 (Instrumental)
( Multiupload )


  1. Yes, I agree. Even if you count tracks 6 & 7 as "one song" and don't count the instrumentals, it's still 7 songs! He should call it at least a mini-album, lol. ~~ NEway, thanks BINGYANG!!


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