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[Single] M To M – 1004 (You’re my destiny 2)


Single: 1004 ( You are my destiny 2)
Artist: M To M
Release date: 2009.07.30
Genre: Dance Pop
01.1004 (너는 내운명 2) (You are my destiny 2) (Feat. Nassun)
02.1004 (너는 내운명 2) (Inst.)
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  • Scuz

    Never heard of them, but since it’s labelled as “Dance Pop” I’ll try it!

  • Scuz

    Never heard of them, but since it's labelled as "Dance Pop" I'll try it!

  • M to M is a ballad group. I recommend their song ~ 'Completely Black'

  • thanks

  • nad_donad

    It's been a while since they released a song I think…
    Thank you for sharing!! XD

  • shy88

    ღ thanks for sharing.

  • e_mo_nim

    Thank You for sharing. I never hear M to M song dance pop before…Thank Thank…

  • The new song is really good. I've heard of them before but kind of forgot. However, ballad singers are always good to listen to ^___^

  • Tina

    Wow, M to M is now Dance Pop? =( I don't think I'll like that. I want their R&B Ballads!! Well, I'll still give their change a chance, keke

  • Sage

    hmmmm m to m is back…
    but its not a ballad?
    ill try it.
    ty for uploading

  • risa_mae


  • mc

    cool song thanks

  • whoa

    really, m to m is going dance pop? lol
    thank you anyway

  • cikitita

    thank u..
    really loves them..cant wait to hear their song.. :mrgreen:

  • mel

    thank you

  • Nisa_asmi

    Thank you …
    I like to listen their song.

  • such a cute song! thank you 🙂