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[Single] Nom Nom Nom – Love Emotion


놈놈놈 (Nom Nom Nom) – Love Emotion (Single)
Genre: R&B, Hip Hop
Bit rate: 320 kbps
*Their title track is pretty good. <3

01. 느낌이나 쟤
02. 친구여자친구
03. 느낌이나 쟤(inst.)
04. 친구여자친구(inst.)


  • shumai

    thank you!

  • sam

    yes i finally found it somewhere…thank you very very much…love their song!!!!!!

  • shumi


  • lopsidemaniac

    Do you know where I can read their profiles?
    THey are so talented!!!
    what company are they from?
    I love their vocals!!!
    OMG going crazy all by myself here…

  • Thanks!
    Their songs are sooooo good <3
    I would like to know their profiles too x)

  • Sun

    love the rythem
    I want to get their more songs!!!!

  • matsu

    wanna try this, thanks ^^