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[Single] Philtre – Philtre Scene # 2


Philtre – Philtre Scene # 2
Release Date: 2014.03.13
Genre/Style: Electronica
Bit Rate: 192kbps

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01 예쁘더라
02 Last Scene (With 최자, 김예림)
03 예쁘더라 (Inst.)
04 Last Scene (With 최자, 김예림) (Inst.)

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  • Hi admins, just a question– is there a reason the upload for this and a couple of threads are in 192kbps instead of the usual 320kbps? And if you guys are going to reup with the 320kbps version soon? (I prefer 320kbps, which is why I’m asking)

    Thanks in advance ^^

    • axander

      HI, I could only find the songs in 192kbps, but I’m trying to find in 320kbps and I hope that i will be uploaded soon ^^

  • Pi

    why you don’t use rating for singles/albums ? I remember you used.

    • axander

      You are right, we used to have rating but some downloader find it annoying so we decided to put it away, if you want it write it in the feedback and we will think about it 🙂