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[Single] Rubber Duckie – I Am A Single


루버더키 (Rubber Duckie) – I Am A Single (Digital Single)
Genre: Rock
Bit rate: 320 kbps
I love the first two tracks, especially the 2nd track, and even more if you watch the live version of the song.
anitasis ‘ requested

01. 꼬꼬마, 그때부터 사랑해
02. 매일매일 (Everyday Everyday)
03. 죽음의 도주
04. Alone World


  • anitasis

    Thank you and I love you! 😀 Watched live version od 'Everyday'. They have 3 different types of voices and they sound great together! I like rock music so it's perfect for me.

  • PopoHappy

    Thank you very much!

  • matsu

    thank you~

  • Tina

    Thanks! Taking your comments into consideration & downloading it. ^^

  • anitasis

    Hi! Are You able to re-upload this and 고맙다 수원 release again? I would be so gratefull! 🙂