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[Single] S.I.D-Sound – S.I.D-Sound On PopStage


Release Date: 2010.01.28
Genre: Dance Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps
According to me, S.I.D-Sound is a great group if you can listen to their music. Someone requested S.I.D-Sound’s Vol.2 before but I couldn’t fulfill the request cause the album is quite old ^^”

01. 날개 (Song. 로리체슬)
02. Polaris (Song. Banami)
03. Mercury (Song. Banami)
04. Drawing In My Heart (Song. 로리체슬)
05. 이제부터 진검승부 (Song. Banami)
06. Save Your Smile (Song. Narae)
07. 하늬바람 높새바람 (Song. Elika)
08. Light Breeze (Song. 로리체슬)
09. 루돌프 캐롤 (Song. Elika)
10. Save Your Smile (Festival Mix) (Song. Narae)
( Multi )



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