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[Single] Various Artists – King of Mask Singer Ep.63


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Various Artists – 복면가왕 63회
Release Date: 2016.06.12
Genre/Style: Ballad, Dance
Bit Rate: MP3-320kbps
Rating (MelOn): 4.6/5 (1,143 votes)

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01. 그녀를 잡아요 (아임 유어 파더 , 캡틴 코리아) – 엘 (인피니트), 캡틴 코리아
02. 못다핀 꽃 한송이 (야생과 함께 세렝게티 , 돌고래의 꿈) – 이성우, 돌고래의 꿈
03. 빗속에서 (아임 유어 파더) – 엘 (인피니트)

01. Go Get Her (I’m Your Father, Captain America) – Infinite’s L, Captain America
02. Forgotten Flower (Wildlife in the Serengeti, A Dolphin’s Dream) – No Brain’s Lee Sung Woo, A Dolphin’s Dream
03. In The Rain (I’m Your Father) – Infinite’s L

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