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[Single] VIXX – Rock Ur Body


빅스(VIXX) – Rock Ur Body
Release date: 2012.08.14
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (Mel0n): 2.9/5 (376 votes)

Please comment if you download ^^

01.Rock Ur Body
02.아픈데 좋아 (UUUUU)
03.Rock Ur Body (Inst.)

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  • I don't understand why the votes are so low D;
    thank you so much ^^

  • Karla

    from where can I download Vixx – Rock your body

  • hello i want to download this song

  • hehe ok

  • Lavi

    There is a Vixx Giveaway on this site if you wanna participate http://www.gurupop.net/event/45/67757275706f70353

  • sol


  • Andra

    This song is catchy~! 🙂 Thanks!

  • Heo Nari

    Thank you for sharing ^^

  • Rebecca

    Love this song!

  • C

    Could you please fix the link? The MF isn't working and the 4S doesn't have a clickable link! Thank you ^^

    • axander

      I will fix the link now, so be back soon

  • A

    Thank you for uploading this! ^^