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[Single] Wonder Girls – 2 Different Tears


원더걸스(Wonder Girls) – 2 Different Tears (Single)
Release date: 2010.05.16
Genre: Dance Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps

Please comment if you download ^^

01. 2 Different Tears
02. So Hot
03. Tell Me
04. Nobody
05. 2 Different Tears Remix
06. Nobody Rainstone Remix
07. Nobody Jason Nevins Remix
08. 2 Different Tears (Korean)
09. 2 Different Tears (Chinese)
10. 2 Different Tears (Karaoke)
11. 2 Different Tears (Instrumental)



  1. tnk u sooooooo muuch<3<3<3…i luv it..haha….wonder girls, fighting!!!!!!!!!!

    can u post their mv here in mp4 format for my ipod nano?…the english one…haha…

    it's ok if you can't… really2x tnx 2 u 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this Wonder Girls Single…I snagged the RAR file with all 13 tracks. Recently (in the last six months), I started opening folders on my MediaFire account for sharing the videos (MVs/live performances) of my favorite artists/groups I've collected over the years. I've been considering adding mp3 files to these folders and like you format you use (both the individual tracks + the WinRAR file), so I might adopt using it if I ever get around to that project in the future (too busy at the moment).

    I have posted many of the fan-favorite Korean girl groups' mp3 files I have (I still need to add some newer Single/Albums, but there's never enough hours in a day) on my Multiply site [ http://skgifford222.multiply.com/ ], along with a good sampling of their MVs/live performances. Also, I lost one of my external hard drives that had something like 25,000+ Singles/Albums on it, so I really haven't gotten around to replacing most of these (I'm waiting until I add a new 1TB external HD).

    If you'd like to check out my MF folder for Wonder Girls, here's that link:


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