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Various Artist – City Hunter Special OST


시티헌터 Special OST
Release Date: 2011.07.27
Genre: OST
Bit rate: 320kbps

01. 사랑 – 임재범
02. 그대만 봐요 – 박규리
03. I Love U, I Want U, I Need U (Sweet Acoustic) – 구하라
04. I Love You, I Want You, I Need You – 애플 망고(Apple Mango)
05. 너에게 만은 남자이고 싶다 – 헌터(Hunter)
06. 그대와 난 – 레인보우(Rainbow)
07. 멈출 수 없는… – 손한별
08. 사랑이 끝났다 – 애플 망고(Apple Mango)
09. Memories Of Love (Acoustic Guitar ver.) – 박주원
10. Memories Of Love (Acoustic Piano ver.) – 김지수 [작곡/편곡]
11. 사랑 (inst.)
12. 그대만 봐요 (inst.)
13. 그대와 난 (inst.)
14. I Love You, I Want You, I Need You (inst.)

Individual link: 4shared

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