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Various Artists – Ghost OST


Various Artists – Ghost OST
Release date: 2012.07.17
Genre:Dance Pop
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (Mel0n): 4.6/5 (63 votes)

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01.엠블랙 (MBLAQ) – 유령 (같이 사랑했잖아)
02.신보라 – 그리워 운다
03.이수영 – 그리워서 눈물나서
04.블락비 (Block B) – Burn Out
05.이기찬 – 어떻게
07.Save You
08.Goodbye, My Face
09.Mysterious Man
11.New Life
12.Beautiful Agony
14.Slow Walking
15.Black Out
16.유령 (같이 사랑했잖아)(Inst.)
17.Burn Out(Inst.)

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