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Various Artists – The Moon That Embraces The Sun OST


해를 품은 달 (MBC 수목드라마)
Release Date: 2012.02.15
Genre: OST
Bit rate: 320kbps
Rating (Melon): 4.9/5 (484 Votes)

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01. Back in Time (시간을 거슬러) – Lyn (린)
02. Moon is Setting (달빛이 지고) – Heora (해오라)
03. Road of Tears (눈물길) – Wheesung (휘성)
04. Shadow (그림자) – Monday Kiz (먼데이키즈)
05. The Moon that Embraces the Sun (해를 품은 달)
06. Hidden Moon (숨은 달)
07. Like Petal, Like Flame (꽃잎처럼, 불꽃처럼)
08. The Sorrow Song of Love (애지애가 / 愛之哀歌)
09. Palace (궐)
10. Long Live Wisp (장명루)
11. Market Street (저자거리)
12. Spirit Appeasement Ceremony (위령제)
13. Two Suns and a Moon (두 개의 태양과 하나의 달)
14. Hidden Moon Court (은월각)
15. Misty Rain (Yeon Woo) Falls (연우 내리다)
16. Tears of the Sun (태양의 눈물)
17. The Morning of Palace (궁의 아침)
18. Song of the Moonlight (달빛의 노래)
19. Black Magic (흑주술)
20. Dance of Butterflies (나비의 춤)

thanks asian-drama for the translated tracklist

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  1. This music is so difficult to describe in words. The music sounded so sad. However, on the other side, I also feel hope and sincere love in the music. There is also cheerful and funny musics.

    WOW!!!! Korean drama never fails to create such beautiful music. I really like the music of this drama. Thank you for uploading this wonderful music. If I may, I asked permission to re-upload it into my blog. Once again, thank you. gamsahabnida.

    P.S. Do you know who composed this beautiful music?


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