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100626 MBC Music Core


[HD] MBC Music Core (2010.06.26).tp
CNBLUE/ Sistar/ MBLAQ/ T-ara’s So Yeon/ 2AM’s SeulOng/ Orange Caramel/ DN-A/ Seo Young Eun/ Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yup/ NS YoonJi/ Infinite/ Koyote/ Flower/ Suk Hee/ IU/ 4minute/ Seo In Young/ f(x)/ Electro Boyz/ X-Cross/ Rina

Hope you can support the artists, station and the program producer.
Remove torrent link after a week. Please do not ask me for other download link.

Added more performances
There are cuts available in the torrent file~

f(x) – NU 예삐오(NU ABO) – MBC Music Core (2010.06.26).tp
Sistar – Push Push – MBC Music Core (2010.06.26).tp
NS YoonJi – Don’t Go Back – MBC Music Core (2010.06.26).tp
T-ara’s So Yeon – What Should We Finish – MBC Music Core (2010.06.26).tp
IU & SeolOng – Nagging – MBC Music Core (2010.06.26).tp
Orange Caramel – Magic Girl – MBC Music Core (2010.06.26).tp
4minute – Huh – MBC Music Core (2010.06.26).tp


CNBLUE – Love – MBC Music Core (2010.06.26).tp
Electro Boyz – Incoming Phone Call / 전화가 오네 – MBC Music Core (2010.06.26).tp
Infinite – Come Back Again / 다시 돌아와 – MBC Music Core (2010.06.26).tp
D-NA – Stumble Stumble (비틀비틀) – MBC Music Core (2010.06.26).tp
MBLAQ – Y – MBC Music Core (2010.06.26).tp


  • DarKMini

    The torrent with boy men performance doesn't work

    • DarKMini

      I was wrong, sorry for the fake comment. It works very well =D

  • 123

    2nd torrent through mediafire not working.. wanting the CNBlue vid badly!