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130620 Mnet M! Countown


Performers:SISTAR, MBLAQ, EXO, After School, IVY, Henry, Lim Kim (Togeworl), THE SEEYA & 5DOLLS & SPEED, Dal☆shabet, NINE MUSES, Sunny Hill, NELL, Baek A Yeon, Led Apple, Bangtan Boys, Boys Republic, 2EYES

Today’s host/MCs: Lizzy and Kaeun

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All cuts are availble!!


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  • Jenna

    Downloaded the MBLAQ performance, it's super sped up or is it just me D; The audio is fine tho

  • Gee

    Omg thank you so much, that's why I love your site ^o^

    I was wondering if you guys could upload music champion and/or mtv the show Full Show 720p?

    • axander

      I may be able to upload Music champion, I will see if i start this week or next 🙂

  • ajim

    thanks very much!

  • Gee

    Thanks!! ^o^