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131123 MBC Music Core


Performers: Lee Juck, FT Island, VIXX, Huh Gak, TINT, TAE.1, LPG, Jjun, TIMBER, K.will,100% V, miss A, DAVICHI, Untouchable, U-KISS, FIESTAR, NC.A, MR.MR

Today’s host/MCs: Minho, Sohyun and Hongchul

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Performance songs:
FT Island – Can’t Have You + Madly (Comeback)
VIXX – Voodoo Doll (Comeback)
Huh Gak – Memory Of Your Scent (Comeback)
Lee Juk – Lie Lie Lie
miss A – Hush (First place nominee)
100% V – Missing You (Comeback)
Davichi – Letter (First place nominee)
K.Will – You Don’t Know Love (Goodbye Stage)
Untouchable – Vain
U-Kiss – She’s Mine
NC.A – Oh My God!
MR.MR – Do You Feel Me
FIESTAR – I Don’t Know
Jjun – Way To Your Heart
Timber – Three Days
LPG – Ppang Ya Ppang Ya
TINT – Love As First Sight
Tae.1 – Sad Song


Full Show
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