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Performers: TAEYEON, OH MY GIRL, MelodyDay, Park Boram , CNBLUE, Red Velvet, GOT7, Ailee, MONSTA X, SEVENTEEN, UP10TION, BIGFLO, Sunny Days, Lovelyz, berrygood, HeartB, 6 to 8, Bro

Today’s MCs: Minwoo, Yeri, N

Please check this post regularly as cuts are being updated during the airing date.

151017 MBC Music Core.Seventeen.Cut.1080i-essence_idols.ts
151017 MBC Music Core.Red.Velvet.Cut.1080i-essence_idol.ts
151017 MBC Music Core.Lovelyz.Cut.1080i-[SAVER].ts.
151017 MBC Music Core.Taeyeon.Cut.By.BJ완소탱구♡.t
151017 MBC Music Core.Taeyeon.Cut.뚱뚱한만두.ts
151017 MBC Music Core.Taeyeon.Cut.Final-Taeng.ts
151017 MBC Music Core.Taeyeon.Cut.BJRambo.ts
151017.MBC Music Core.Bro – A Sad Man.SMoon.tp
151017.MBC Music Core.LOVELYZ – Ah Choo.SMoon.tp
151017 MBC Music Core.Cuts

Lovelyz – Ah-Choo
Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb
MelodyDay – Speed up
Park Boram – Sorry
Berrygood – My First Love
Suny Days – Blah Blah
Ailee – Mind your own business
Oh My Girl – CLOSER
Tayeon (feat. Kanto) – I

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Full Show:
151017 MBC Music Core.720p-WITH.mp4 | http://adf.ly/1Q5mgE


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