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[3rd Mini Album] U-Kiss – Conti Ukiss


유키스 (U-Kiss) – Conti Ukiss
Release Date: 2009.11.06
Genre: Hip-hop
Bit rate: 320kbps
Track 2 & 3 are the same song, lol. Sorry for this mistake cause I didn’t check the files after download. Added the individual link for track 2 if you had already downloaded the old .rar file. I also uploaded another whole album which was fixed -.-

01. Intro
02. 만만하니 / Man Man Ha Ni
03. O.K. (오케이)
04. 만만하니 (MR)
( Megaupload ) | ( Multiupload )

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  • Abracadara

    Track 2 the same as Track 3
    Please fix! Thanks ^^

  • Amy

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  • MoMo

    Track 2 is corrupted and it's actually Track 3 ;P

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  • Narsis

    track 2,3, are corrupted…
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  • Stella

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  • Tina

    Thank you for sharing. I heard the title song, and it's OK…. Similar beat to other Brave Brothers songs. But I will listen to it a few more times and maybe I'll warm up to it, like Beast & Mblaq's songs^^

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