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[Album] K.Will Vol.2 – Miss, Miss and Miss


케이윌 (K.Will) – 2집 그립고 그립고 그립다
Release Date: 2009.11.05
Genre: Ballad
Bit rate: 320kbps
After recovering from the swine flu, K.Will is back with his 2nd album. There is a track which he features with Outsider. There are also some tracks have been released before as Color Chocolate project, Soul Special OST,..The album includes 18 tracks but the .rar file below just contains 15 tracks. You can also download track 10,14 because I uploaded it in this blog. It’s nice if you can give me the download link for track 16 in 320k ^^

01. 바람
02. 그립고 그립고 그립다
03. 반복일 뿐이야
04. 최면 / Hypnotism (feat.Outsider)
05. 눈물 연못
06. 사랑해 반대말
07. 끊었던 담배
08. 필름이 끊겼다
09. 이별 몰랐던 날
10. 초콜릿 (Project: Color Chocolate)
11. My Last Love
12. 사랑 후유증
13. 다시 사랑하면 안되니
14. 사랑한단 말을 못해서/ Because I can’t say that I love you (Soul Special OST)
15. 나무
16. 소원 (대왕세종/ The Great King Sejong OST)
17. 내 가슴이 운다
18. 그립고 그립고 그립다 (Inst.)


  • YAAY! thank u so much!<3 love K.WILL!

  • pid

    thank you very much

  • phoenix2702

    woooooooooooohhh !!! Love his voice Thank U so much :X

  • Dodo

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    I didn't expect he was releasing an album!!! So huge too!!!

  • Amy

    it's finally released.
    Thank you so much for uploading. 🙂

  • ZenMiyo

    Thank you so much for sharing. Its exciting to see a Full album rather than just the mini albums we see so often. Such a treat!

  • nad_donad

    Thank you for sharing!!
    SO happy he's back with the full album, great ballad for this fall/winter…

  • punkovie

    thanks a lot!!!!!!!!

  • Sylvia

    Thanks so much for sharing! His songs are great!

  • Tina

    Thank you for sharing. Yeah, track 16 was nice. But sorry, I don't have it in good quality. I think probably 192 or something that I have.. ^^;

    And I'm also happy he has recovered fully from H1N1 and is healthy again!!

    • kpop luvr

      could you please upload that 192 version anyway?


  • asuka2507

    Thank u 😀

  • mc

    im so glad k.will is back with a full album. his ballads are the best!

  • p

    Missing 16?

  • hey, could you tell me, what else came with the album?

  • potato

    hi :3 i would love you a thousand times more than how much i already love you guys now if you could re-upload it ? 😉 thanks so much <3

  • agatha

    please reupload this ):

    • axander

      Re-uploaded now 🙂

      • agatha

        thanks 😉