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[Album] Bada vol.4 – Look at the sea


Album: vol.4 바다를 바라보다 (Look at the sea)
Artist: Bada
Release date: 2009.08.06
Purchase: YESASIA
The most exciting collaboration is her duet with former S.E.S bandmate Eugene; just available when you buy the CD
01. Intro
02. Yes I’m In Love(Feat.2PM’s Taec Yeon)

03. MAD (Feat. Untouchable)
04. 오후의 산책
05. Dilemma
06. Dance Mission
07. 여자는 울고 (Woman Crying)
08. Honey Honey
09. Generation Next
10. 웃어라, 캔디야 (Laughing, Candy)
11. Reach Out
12. MAD (Feat. Untouchable) Special Rap Ver
13. 나요…(with Eugene) – Bonus Track for CD Only
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