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[Mini Album] Mighty Mouth – Love Class


Mini Album: Love Class
Artist: Mighty Mouth
Release date: 2009.08.06
Genre: Pop-Rap

I really like Han Ye Seul’s sweet voice  😳  Recommend this one

Mighty Mouth is making their comeback with a strong repertoire of featured artists. Bringing in two ladies garnering the most attention from their respective groups, Mighty Mouth have After School’s thigh master UEE and 4minute’s  Hyun-ah making a special appearance in their new music video for “Love Class”.
These girls aren’t singing though. Who is doing the singing, if not the girls from musical groups? Well, it’s actress Han Ye-seul making her singing comeback, offering her sweet voice to accompany Mighty Mouth’s rap stylings.-pop seoul-

01. 희망사항 (feat. IU)
02. 연애특강 (feat. Han Ye Seul)
03. 행복한 사람 (feat. UEE of After School)
04. Why (feat. K.Will)
05. Miss U (feat. Baek Ji Young)
06. 희망사항 (inst.)
07. 연애특강 (inst.)
08. 행복한 사람 (inst.)
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